About Us 

skimcoats plastering Cornwall
Ben Banfield, Proprietor, has been in the construction industry for over 10 years. He originally learned the plastering trade using conventional methods, materials and techniques. However, in recent years Ben's experience and expertise has led him to align his business with a better way of providing service – old fashioned skills alongside new techniques – this better way is SkimCoats. 

Knowledge, skill and accuracy 

The high standard of workmanship offered by SkimCoats is achieved by realising a more up to date way of using materials and techniques to bring life back to your building. Bringing a service where the well-being of the building’s future and the people that live it comes to the fore. We have a trusted, reliable team with the skills to carry out any project and share a passion for a stronger future. 

Like the good old days, only with better tech 

Our attitude to our craft embodies a nod back to the past where reliability, punctuality, manners and trust were characteristics that mattered when hiring a tradesman. We also believe that keeping your property clean and tidy, respecting it the way we would our own home, is very important. 

Everybody can enjoy the benefits 

We take great delight in our clients’ reactions as they enter beautifully refurbished rooms that are clean, tidy and modern, with years of use added to them. We have the skills, interest and unsurpassed knowledge to enable us to work with builders, architects, project managers or the building owner directly. 
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